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4 Different Kinds of Products That Use Model and Serial Plates

One of the most commonly used metal nameplates around is the model and serial plate. These plates are used by numerous industries, hundreds of companies, and thousands of products. These are necessary for a number of reasons, and these include reasons like for troubleshooting and primarily for identification purposes.

These nameplates are used by a huge number of companies because it allows them to assign a produce a specific model number, and an individual serial number for each item in that model. This allows them to keep track of how many of such an item was produced as well as when certain variants of these items were made. This will enable them to keep track of individual batches as well as each item that rolls off the production line.

With that said, here are some of the product types that these identification plates are used on:

Kitchen equipment – you will find numerous items in the kitchen sporting these serial plates, and these can be found in the back of the item, underneath, on the side, or inside the product itself. Some of the items that have these include refrigerators, blenders, microwave ovens, toasters, and food processors. These can carry not only the model and serial number of the product, but also the voltage requirements, the name of the company that made it, and the contact information of the manufacturer.

Electronicsmodel and serial plates can also be found attached to the many electronics that can be found in any home. Laptop computers, television sets, DVD players, and even desk lamps will have either a metal plate or a label that carries important information about the product and the brand. Much like kitchen equipment model and serial tags, these carry the name and logo of the manufacturer, the voltage requirements of the item, and the contact information of the company that made the product. You may also find on these items the date of manufacture and instructions for proper use on such tags.

Tools and Equipment – if you have a power drill, or a lawn mower, check and see if you can find where the serial number plate is placed on these. These tools carry these tags on them, because just like any other electricity powered item, there is a chance that these will need repairs or replacements. The serial number and model number on the tags of these plates will help the manufacturer determine if the item is eligible for a replacement or free service and parts via the warranty that is associated with your item’s serial number.

Vehicles – check your car and see if you can find the serial number of your vehicle. Usually, this is found under the hood, right beside the engine. These plates carry not only the serial number of the vehicle, but also the body number, paint number, trim number and the name of the company that manufactured your ride. The information on these plates may vary from one automobile manufacturer, but the one constant is the serial or style number, which tells you what make and model your vehicle is, and what batch it belongs to.