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Are Metal Dog Tags Still Trendy?

People have been using dog tags for decades and not as a fashion accessory, but as a tool for identification purposes. In recent years, these metal dog tags have become rather fashionable and have been used as accessories and decorations by many individuals. They do this by creating custom tags that are still in the usual oval shape that military personnel use but infused with artistic elements to make these more unique and fashionable.

The trend of wearing dog tags as a fashion statement or accessory began way back in the 60’s when people started sporting military shaped tags around their neck, but instead of having the usual stamped name and other information on them, these tags had peace signs, flowers and other decorative elements painted or stamped on them. This carried on into the present day where people have unique, fashionable designs stamped, painted or printed on the tags that they have made.

In the past, metal dog tags became fashion accessories with the help of stamping or hand painting. These days, with the latest printing technology enabling us to create tags that not only sport unique designs, but personalized ones as well, we can now create one-of-a-kind tags that can carry images of people, places, pets and many more on them. These images can be printed onto these tags in full color, in black and white, or engraved into the metal.

Whether or not these are still considered trendy is dependent on how these are used or crafted. Some people may say that using metal dog tags for accessories is a passé trend that went out with the grunge era. Other people may tell you however that since these can be customized and can be made to carry just about any design on it, it will remain trendy for as long as people choose to use them.

These days, fashion dog tags don’t need to have the usual oval shape these often come in. These can come in a wide variety of shapes that include round tags, square tags, heart shaped tags and long slim ones. The most popular shape for these however is still the standard military style ones, and these are still the favorite of those who choose to use these as accessories.

So, what metal materials do people use to create trendy dog tags for their fashion needs? The most commonly used metal for these dog tags is aluminum. Not only is this a cheaper metal to work with but it is also a very versatile one that can be shaped in many different forms and can be easily stamped, printed or painted on. This is not the only metal that is used for this particular purpose however.

Since these dog tags are made for decorative purposes, and depending on what kind of accessory is being crafted, other metals like semi precious and precious ones are also used. Gold, silver and bronze or brass is used for the creation of dog tags that are meant to look like jewelry. Some people even have gold dog tags crafted with embedded precious stones in them in order to create a rather rugged yet elegant looking piece of jewelry.

Silver is also a very popular metal that is used for creating such tags with. These can be engraved with images, names and designs and attached to silver chains so these can be worn around the neck. Stainless steel is also another metal that is used for this exact same purpose.

Whatever metal you choose, whatever design you decide to put on these tags and however you want to wear them, if you are wondering whether these are still trendy enough these days to be used as accessories, suffice to say that due to its versatility, metal dog tags will always be trendy.