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Embossed Metal Plates and Other Tags with 3D Appeal

Not all tags are created equal. Some capture your attention faster than others, while a few are more sturdy and durable than their counterparts. Some are as flat as can be and others have that 3-dimensional look that makes them look very unique. If you want to have tags that look unique and can actually be used as more than just brand tags, here are some of the 3-D tag options you can choose from.

Embossed metal plates – these are plates that have raised designs on them. Embossed metal is made with the use of a stamping machine plus heat. This creates very durable designs because the heat tempers the metal while the stamp puts the design into it. When the metal cools after stamping, the design stays and adds durability to the plate because of the raised and recessed parts that have been marked into the metal.

Debossed metal plates – just like embossing, debossing also uses hot stamping as its marking method. This is just the opposite of embossing and creates recessed designs into metal plates. This marking method is often used on metal cake pans and tart pans to create recessed, durable designs into the sheet. This is also used on a number of tags that manufacturers use to brand their products with.

Etched metal plates – etching is a marking medium that creates recessed designs into metal as well, but instead of stamping, it uses an acid or chemical that eats into the metal to create the design. A protectant covers the parts of the metal that is not to be eaten by such a chemical, and the resulting metal plate will have a design that is highly detailed, durable, and has 3-dimensional appeal.

Engraved metal plates – this has a similar appeal and look as etched metal, although it is made rather differently. Instead of having some chemical eat into the metal to create the design, this kind of marking method uses a sharp tool to create the designs. Old fashioned engraving uses hand-held tools and modern engraving uses machinery.

Domed labels and tags – doming is a method that gives a flat tag or label a 3-dimensional appeal and look. This is done with the use of a clear urethane dome that makes the brand or design underneath look like it is elevated into the clear dome. Doming can be used when other 3-D tagging methods cannot be used, and this will give you a durable and eye-catching tag just the same.