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Engraved, Stamped, Embossed, and Etched Nameplates – So Similar, Yet So Different

When you order your metal nameplates, one of the choices you have to decide on is how these are to be marked. There are quite a few options that you can choose from, with some choices bringing with them similarities in how these nameplates will look after they are crafted. If you are not that well-versed when it comes to how these are made, you can easily mistake etched nameplates with engraved ones, and stamped nameplates with embossed ones.

How can you tell one from the other, and how can you choose which one to use for your specific needs? Is one marking method better than the other when these result in somewhat similar outcomes? How do you choose what is best for your needs?

When you need nametags that have raised text or designs, two of your options would be embossing and stamping. These two are produced in similar ways as well, with embossed nameplates being crafted with the use of a male and female marking tool that creates the raised and sunken parts that make such nameplates distinct. Stamping, on the other hand, also produces raised characters on the metal, but these usually use a tool that stamps into one side of the metal the design, without the need for another tool on the other side to aid this process.

When you need nameplates that have recessed designs or characters, two of the options you have are engraving and etching. Etched nameplates are created with the use of a mordant and an acid-resist, although there are methods nowadays that are considered by many as non-toxic etching. Engraved nameplates on the other hand use a sharp tool that cuts into the metal to create the designs that are needed for that particular nameplate. While these two do result in similar looking plates, they use different mediums for the creation of these recessed designs.

How do you choose which marking method to use when the results are rather similar? This usually depends on your manufacturer, and how detailed they can make your metal nameplates for you. Some manufacturers can make more detail-oriented plates using one method than the other, while others can actually make the same design using these different methods, and you won’t really know the difference between the plates that are produced.

Probably the best thing you can do when you are undecided regarding what marking method to choose is to ask your manufacturer for what is best for your kind of nameplate. They will know what marking medium will be best for what you need, and this is because they have been doing this particular thing for awhile now. You can also base your decision on the cost of manufacturing, if one particular method costs a bit more than the other, and can produce almost identical results anyway.

Whether you choose to go with etched nameplates or engraved ones, you will find that as long as you choose a manufacturer that is guaranteed to create quality metal nameplates for your company, you won’t have to worry about which marking method you choose. What matters is that they create the best quality nameplates for your needs, and you get your money’s worth, whether it be via stamping, embossing, engraving or etching.