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Etched Plaques and Signs

Just like our etched nameplates, our etched plaques and signs are made using a process that creates highly detailed and very durable metal nameplates. These plates are made using what is called a mordant, or an acid, that eats away at the unprotected parts of the metal, creating the designs that you require in a namplate that is extremely durable and attractive at the same time. These metal plates can be made for many different applications, and just like their smaller counterparts, can be made with a design depth of between .003 inches and .005 inches.

Signs and plaques marked using etching as its marking medium can be highly detailed, making it a great choice for when you need to have commemorative plaques and metal portraits made. This particular type of metal nameplate is the premier choice of many individuals who are tasked to have images of their company’s founder, histories of certain establishments, and dedications to certain important people made in metal. The metal of choice for these plaques is often stainless steel, although bronze and brass have also been chose for such uses.

These plates can be made out of metal plates that are as thick as .125 inches, and the designs on these can still be clearly defined even when any ink or paint fades away. To find out whether or not your signs and plaques should be made using etching, do feel free to Contact Us today.We will help you understand the merits of etched plaques and signs, and to figure out whether these are indeed the idea metal nameplates for your very specific requirements.