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Great Ideas for Uses of Metal Dog Tags

When people are asked about the use of metal dog tags, the usual response is that these are used by people in the armed forces, and they are essentially right. What some people may not realize however is that these dog tags can actually be used for a lot of things aside from the aforementioned usage. In fact, these are so versatile, the uses you can come up with for this item can only be limited by a person’s imagination.

To help you see what we are talking about, here are a few ideas:

  • Identification Tags for you and your children – these tags are not necessarily exclusively for the use of military personnel. You can also wear these military style dog tags yourself and have your kids wear them for emergency purposes or for survival reasons. Having these tags on you or on your loved ones can easily help people identify whoever is wearing these tags and with the addition of contact information on these tags, can also be used to call whoever needs to be called.
  • Property tags for your bags and other items – now who says that dog tags can only be used to help identify people? You can also use these tags to label your bags and personal effects with. Put these on your luggage, your sports bags and even on your gadgets to help people know that these items are yours. You can even use these as key tags for your house keys or car keys.
  • Name Tags for your Pets – these are after all dog tags, and what better way to use them than on your dogs…and your cats. Have your pet’s name engraved or stamped onto these custom metal dog tags and attach these to your dog’s (or cat’s) collar. These can be customized and colorized to fit what you want for your pet. These can also serve as identification tags should your pet get lost and can’t find its way home. Simply add your contact information to these tags and you can be sure that should someone find your pet, they can easily return these to you.
  • Medication Tags – aside from being used for identification purposes during emergencies, these tags can also be used to inform emergency response personnel of any ailments, allergies, and conditions you might have. These tags can also carry information on what medications you might be allergic to or what you might need to be given for certain emergency situations.