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How to Keep Your Metal Dog Tags Looking New

Metal dog tags are usually made out of tarnish and corrosion free metal, which is probably why you don’t really need to worry too much about fading and damage. This does not mean however that you should not clean and take care of your tags. As with other pieces of jewelry and accessories you may have (yes, these tags can be called accessories too), keeping these tags clean will only make them look just as good as when you first got them.

So, how do you keep these tags clean and looking like you just got them today? It is as simple as keeping dirt and grime off of them and to do this, all you will need is a clean, soft rag and some elbow grease. Rub off any dirt or grime that may be on your dog tags and you will have a good-as-new tag to wear afterwards. Make sure however that the rag you use on your metal dog tags are not textured or rough as this may create scratches on your tags.

As time goes by, some tarnish may appear on your tags as a result of usage and exposure to certain elements. You can return your tags to its former glory by using jewelry cleaning agents or metal polish. If you are using liquid jewelry cleaner, dip your tags into the substance and wipe these off carefully with a soft rag. Buff off the tarnish or dirt that you find on these tags and voila, you have clean, shiny dog tags.

It is worth noting what material your tags are made of in order for you to properly clean these off. For example, if your tags are made out of brass, then it might be a good idea to clean and polish these with the use of a brass cleaner and polisher. Stainless steel, aluminum and other silver colored metals may be cleaned and buffed with the use of silver cleaner.

To prevent the quick deterioration of your metal dog tags, you should be careful with how you handle them. Try to avoid getting any perfume on these and to take them off when you swim in pools that have chlorinated water. Sweat can also cause these to fade over time so try to wipe these off with a soft cotton cloth when this happens and store these dry in a box lined with cotton cloth or tissues when not in use to prevent further deterioration as well.