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Interesting Ideas for Your Etched Nameplates

Did you know that etching is actually a very versatile marking method that can be used for a wide variety of applications? If you have a need for nameplates, etched nameplates should be one of your considerations. Not only do you get a nameplate that is durable (these are, after all, made out of metal since etching is a marking method where acid eats into unprotected parts of metal), but you also get one that can be as detailed and as intricate as you want.

Etched nameplates can be used for many different things. While most people choose to use these plates for their business and corporate needs, you should know that these plates can actually be used for more than just business. These plates can actually be customized to be used for other purposes besides signage, tagging and plaque making. In fact, etching was actually used more for art in the past than for business purposes.

Unique Ideas You Can Consider for Etched Nameplates

Since etching can produce rather detailed prints on metal, these can be used for creating so many things on metal plates. These can be made to create decorative trim plates that can be used to decorate any of your products, or can be used to make decorative plaques and tokens for special events. The possibilities are rather limitless when it comes to these plates and usually, the limit is only your imagination. To get you started, here are some ideas:

Etched Portrait – you can actually have someone’s portrait etched into metal, and this can be framed and given to them as a present or token. This kind of a token can be given to anyone that you want to give this to and for any occasion. You can give this as a birthday present, as a retirement gift, or as a token of appreciation for something that the person did for you or your company.

You can even have such a plaque made for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. You can have a plaque with the image of two people created on them for such events. Such a portrait can also be made for special achievements, with the person’s image etched beside a list of what they have done. These can even be framed and gift-wrapped before you give it to the recipients.

Etched Badges – if you are thinking of creating an exclusive badge for your club or association, etched badges may be a good idea. Since etching is a special marking method that only a few manufacturers can do, you can be assured that only you and your members will have such an intricate and detailed badge. This will mean that your badges won’t be easy to copy and only those that you gave these etched nameplates to will have them, guaranteeing exclusivity.

Etched Family Trees – you’ve seen family trees made with the use of engraved wood, and with the name of each member engraved in each piece that connects to the main header (which is usually the family name of the clan). You can go one step further than this and have an etched family tree created for your clan. A great idea for this would be the creation of individual plates for each member, and to have an etched portrait of the said member on the side of his name. You can then connect the names of these family members according to their parentage.

Etched Home Address Plaques – while some people choose to have their home addresses crafted out of plastic or wood and engraved, you can choose to use metal and have it etched. You can add intricate scrollwork and even a whimsical design to your home address plaque, if you wanted to.