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Marking Methods Used on Aluminum Foil Labels

Probably one of the most popular types of labels that is being used by numerous companies these days is the aluminum foil label. Labels made out of aluminum foil and laminated for extra durability is chosen by businesses for their tagging and labeling needs due to the many benefits that come with such a choice. Aside from the attractive silvery color that these tags have, and the rather low-cost of such tags due to the abundance of aluminum on the planet, these tags are also chosen due to the number of marking methods that can be used on them.

Aluminum foil labels can be marked using a wide array of marking methods and can be shaped in any form that companies want these to come in. These can also be made in a wide variety of sizes, depending on what the company needs. You will also find that labels made with aluminum foil can carry any design, be it copy or graphics, making it great for a lot of things.

Marking methods that are available for use with aluminum foil include hand-held devices that can stamp letters, numbers and images into the foil. Other marking methods that can be used with particular material are those that manufacturers use for customizing the orders of their clientele, and these include the following:

Digital Printing – you can have your company information, label formats and other things printed onto your aluminum foil labels with the use of digital printing. This method is said to create very colorful and vibrant graphics, making it an ideal choice for those tags that require these things on them. You can create highly colorful tags and labels with this marking method, which can then be used for branding purposes.

Silk Screening – this is a marking method that is used to create durable labels that can be used outdoors since this process uses specially formulated inks that don’t fade when exposed to UV rays. The labels that are created with this particular printing method can also withstand moisture as well as abrasions pretty well. Labels made with this printing technique also get an added coating of overlaminate that protects the designs on them, making these last longer.

“Domed” Label making – when you say a label is domed, it is actually a method that is used to create a clear dome on top of a printed label. This is not necessarily a marking method per se, but it is used to help enhance how a label looks. This particular method can be utilized on aluminum foil labels that have been marked using any of the marking methods that produce colorful and detailed labels, such as digital printing and silk screening. The domed part of the label is made with the use of a clear resin, which then hardens into a durable dome that gives the label a 3-dimensional appearance, aside from an added durability.

Stamping – probably one of the simplest marking methods around, this technique uses stamps that either emboss or impress designs onto the aluminum foil labels these are marking. When you ask a manufacturing company to create stamped labels for you, they can actually create special stamps for when you need your logo or company name to go on these labels. If all you need to put on your labels are words, existing letter stamps are used to create what you need and then stamped onto these soft metal tags.