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Bronze is another type of metal that is made primarily of copper but mixed in with tin instead of zinc. This type of metal has similar characteristics as Brass, but with a few slight differences. For one, instead of a golden color, Bronze has a reddish gold tinge. Bronze is also corrosion resistant and is even resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it the ideal metal of choice for applications near the ocean or the sea.

Bronze is often chosen over other corrosion resistant metals because of its density, with this metal being denser than steel. It is also softer than steel, making it more malleable and less stiff. Those who are also looking to steer away from silvery looking metals for their nameplates needs also gravitate towards this metal because of its distinctive color.

In the past, bronze was widely used in the creation of coins. These were also used for ship fittings due to its salt water corrosion resistance. To this day, you can still find some submerged ship bearings and propellers using this particular copper alloy. Aside from these qualities, bronze is also a type of metal that does not produce sparks when struck. This makes it a great choice for when you need a metal plate in areas where sparks can be dangerous.

For your tagging needs, Nameplates has bronze plates in various thicknesses to suit your designs. Choose from our wide selection of bronze material thicknesses for your commemorative plaques, signs, badges, and other metal nameplate requirements.

Available Thicknesses:

.032”, .064”, .125”

For more details on these thicknesses visit our Material Specifications Page.