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Labels can be used for a wide variety of purposes and by a huge number of industries. Labels are ideal when you need it to help identify a product, show people who the manufacturer is, and declare what model a product is. You can also use these to display what brand an item belongs to, to tag and price products with, to warn people of certain dangers that come with a product and many, many more.

These are often made using a variety of materials that are ideal to the usage of such a label. Included in the material choices for these are aluminum foil, polyester (Mylar), destructible vinyl, vinyl and Lexan. Some of these labels have self-adhesives, while others have holes that allow you to attach these to the items these need to identify.

Label Types You Can Choose From

To help give you an idea as to what kind of label best suits your requirements, here are some definitions of each type you can find on our site:

Aluminum Foil Labels – as the name suggests, these are made out of aluminum foil and can be used almost anywhere due to the inherent qualities of this metal. You can find these labels used for asset tagging purposes, for model and serial number tags, warning tags and many more.

Polyester Mylar® Labels
– these are often chosen by many for their labeling needs due to the many features this kind of a label has. Mylar labels are durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. These labels when made with an overlaminate that protects it, can sometimes withstand tough conditions, making it ideal for both indoor industrial use and outdoor use.

Destructible Vinyl Labels – if you are looking for labels that can be used to help protect your assets as well as help you keep track of them effectively, then destructible vinyl labels are what you need. These labels are difficult to remove in one piece and leaves behind residue that shows you and everyone else that an item has been tampered with.

Vinyl Labels – if you are looking for a label that can easily adhere to curved surfaces and can be used for numerous purposes, then vinyl labels are what you need. These labels are highly customizable and can be made in many different shapes, sizes and colors. These are not ideal for outdoor use however and should only be used for items that are to stay indoors.

Polycarbonate Lexan® Labels – if you need tags that are highly durable, very customizable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, then Lexan labels are what you need. These labels can be customized easily to fit your many needs, and can even be treated with an overcoat to help make it more durable.

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