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Polyester (Mylar) Labels

Polyester (Mylar®) Labels

When you require heavy-duty labels that can be used in harsh environments, you might want to consider Polyester (Mylar®) labels. These labels are used for both indoor and outdoor applications, due to the many features that make this particular label type the premier choice for such uses. Aside from being scratch-resistant, these labels are also chemical resistant, and does not tear easily.

Since these are highly customizable, you can choose to use these labels for almost any labeling and tagging need your company may have. Whether these are to be used as asset tags, warning and instructional labels, or as branding tags, the durability and versatility of such a label makes it a great choice for your needs. Such versatility and durability also makes these labels ideal for industrial or commercial uses.

Our Polyester (Mylar®) labels are crafted using what is called our Stonewear Process. This is a manufacturing process that not only produces highly detailed text and graphics, but also creates long-lasting prints that are protected by a laminated cover. This process makes these labels extremely durable and resistant to sunlight, abrasions, and a number of chemicals. To find out if these labels are best for your company’s requirements, do get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, and we will gladly assist you with your labeling and tagging needs.