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Laser Marked Plates

Laser marked plates are plates that are made with the use of lasers, and these can be any of the marking methods that are underneath this umbrella, which may include laser engraving, laser bonding, and laser printing. The advantages one gets when metal nameplates are marked with the use of any of these laser marking methods are numerous. For one, these result in crisp and highly detailed prints. For another, these can be manufactured really fast.

People often confuse laser marking with laser engraving since the equipment used for both are practically the same. What may not be evident is that while laser engraving is part of the laser marking spectrum, it is not the only one under this designation. Laser marking is a rather versatile marking method, and while laser marked plates are made out of metal, the marking medium itself can actually be used on other materials such as plastics and even wood.

When precision is required without impacting the integrity of the material or removing anything from it, laser marking is your ideal choice. These plates are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that are accurate, non-deforming, and highly-versatile. The markings on your metal plates are very durable and can withstand exposure to such conditions like high heat, abrasives, tough weather conditions, and corrosive substances.

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