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Photosensitive MetalPhoto Plates

Photosensitive Plates (Metalphoto®)

Photosensitive plates are more well-known by the name Metalphoto®. These are special anodized aluminum plates that are used to create high-resolution, and durable labels, nameplates, and control panels. These are very cost-effective metal nameplates and are also very versatile. Since these plates are made with the use of a marking method called photosensitizing, which is a marking method that creates very durable markings due to the fact that the image is being sealed inside of the anodized aluminum, you will find that these can last a very long time. These have been tested for up to two decades of exposure to UV rays, and have been known to last even when exposed to tough weather conditions, the markings on these plates are sub-surfaced.

When you say sub-surfaced, this means that the images and print on these plates are under a protective layer, making the print difficult to deface and not prone to fading. This Metalphoto® marking process is a unique, imaging process that can produce high-resolution images, and even serialized data, machine readable barcodes, and features used for anti-counterfeiting measures, These are great for many different applications, and these include both industrial and commercial ones. You will also find that these metal nameplates are also used for military purposes since these can easily meet military specifications due to the precision by which these are made and their inherent durability.

Please note that while these can be produced in both colored and black prints, only black images have the extended durability that comes with photosensitive plates. These two are made in different ways, with one using a photo resist and the other using a silver compound impregnation method. Generally, black imaged plates are great for use outdoors while colored plates are better suited for indoor use. To find out which of these two best fits your company’s specific needs, do feel free to get in touch with us and we will do our best to answer your queries about this particular metal nameplate.