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Warning Plates

Custom Metal Warning Nameplates

The American National Safety Institute (ANSI) mandates that all warning plates should carry clearn and concise messages that warn people of the dangers of certain equipment and areas. These tags are used to improve safety in the workplace, and to help reduce the possibility of injuries as well as product liabilities. These plates can be made in any size, depending on where these are to be mounted, and can carry various headers that are ANSI compliant.

Warning plates can carry a variety of headers, which help tell a person exactly what level of danger is present where these tags can be found. Danger headers tell people that the use of specific equipment where these metal nameplates are attached to come with hazards that may cause serious injuries or even death. Warning headers tell people of hazards that can cause serious injuries but not necessarily death, if people are not careful around such equipment. Caution headers tell of hazards that may cause minor injuries when care is not exercised.

These metal warning plates can be made using any of the metal materials that are available on our site, and can be produced using some of the best marking methods around. These tags are hard to miss, as they should be highly visible and easy to read, and are made with very strict and precise manufacturing methods. To find out more about these metal nameplates, do feel free to contact us so we can help you with what you require.

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