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Reason for the Durability of Lexan and Lexan Labels

You may have heard of the term “Lexan” before and wondered what it was and why it is considered one of the most durable materials around. Well, Lexan is essentially a type of polycarbonate, which is essentially a plastic. This particular kind of plastic is one of the more durable types around, and is often used for many other things, aside from Lexan labels and tags.

What makes this particular polycarbonate resin durable is its composition. It is made out of chemicals that are combined to create this very strong substance. Phosgene and Bisphenol A are mixed through a chemical process (which is patented, by the way) that produces this particular thermoplastic, which is tough and shatterproof. While the product that is produced with this process is technically Lexan, manufacturers only consider material that has been rolled into .75mm up to 12mm sheets as Lexan material.

This particular material actually looks like one other material that is used as a substitute for glass and acrylic, and that is Plexiglas. It is tougher a few times over than this particular material though, and is also somewhat bulletproof, depending on the distance of the bullet that was fired and from what type of weapon fired it. This makes it a great material to use for windows and windshields for cars that are being altered to become resistant to the possibility of a rain of bullets.

While considered a plastic (as the term thermoplastic suggests), this particular material is actually 30 times tougher than acrylic (which is said to be one of the more durable plastics around), and 250 times more durable than glass. This makes it ideal for a wide number of uses that acrylic and glass is used for. Some of the uses this particular thermoplastic finds itself being utilized for include sports helmets, windshields for race cars, and aviation needs. Yes, this particular material is so durable that it is actually what aircraft cockpits and windscreens are actually made of. You can even find this being used on spacecraft and helmets used by astronauts in space.

How does this durability equate to usefulness in terms of Lexan labels? The use of Lexan for labeling and tagging needs comes when businesses need tags that are resistant to a number of harsh conditions. When these labels are to be exposed to strong chemicals, UV rays, and other similar conditions, these stay the same and do not show any damage, as is usually the case with other types of labels – this why companies choose to use this particular material for their labeling and tagging needs.