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The Difference Between Debossed and Embossed Metal Plates

You may have heard of these two terms, debossed and embossed, at least one time in your life. These two are generally similar, yet somewhat different in that these are both made using the same method, which is with the use of stamping equipment, but produce different results. The main difference between these two is in the end result – with one having raised designs and the other having recessed designs.

In the creation of embossed metal plates, as with debossed plates, you will need two stamps – a male and a female. These two fit perfectly into each other and are used to create the impression in the metal. Incidentally, this particular marking method is also used on other materials that are just as impressionable and malleable, like cardboard, paper, and plastic.

When the stamps are made for these methods, the ones that are made for embossing will have the male side showing the design the right way and the female showing the mirror image that will help create the raised designs that embossing creates. Those that are made for debossing on the other hand, are made the opposite way, with the male side showing the design the opposite way and the female side showing the right way.

Most of the dies or stamps that are used in the creation of these plates are specially made since these will require the design to be cast into a durable material, like iron or steel. This is to give the die or stamp pair the right rigidity and strength to be able to stamp into the metal the designs that are required. Sometimes, in order to make the metals malleable enough for this method, heat is applied. This is called hot stamping, which is a method that is frequently used to make embossed and debossed plates more durable and smoother as well.

Which should you choose for your metal nameplates? The choice is actually yours to make and dependent on what you feel is best for your particular needs and your brand. You may want to ask for an expert opinion from the manufacturer to get an idea as to what is best for the kinds of uses you have for these tags. You may also ask whether or not inking is a good idea for either choice, since these tags can also be colored in with ink that can help make your designs pop and look more vibrant.