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The Many Uses of Vinyl Labels and Decals

Did you know that due to customization options most manufacturers offer consumers these days that you can actually do almost anything with your vinyl labels and decals? The limit to what you can do with these stickers is dictated only by your imagination (and the kind of surface you are thinking of sticking it on, of course). Any smooth surface can easily accept these labels, and stickers on them without any problems whatsoever, as long as the area is clean and devoid of any grease or dirt.

So, what can you do with your vinyl labels and decals, aside from the usual company labels and branding tags that most companies order from manufacturers? Read on and find out what other things can be done with the use of these labels.

Drawer Labels – oftentimes, you will find your kids digging through their drawers to find a shirt, a pair of shorts or even their underwear. Messing up their drawers can sometimes be attributed to their not remembering where particular types of clothes can be found (this usually happens to younger kids), hence the need to either constantly remind them of this, or to fix their clothes every so often. Stop having to do this by labeling each drawer so that they can easily find what they need without having to dig through everything.

Have labels like shorts, underwear, pants, shirts and socks created and stick each one to a corresponding drawer. You can also do the same thing to all other drawers in the house, if you feel that you need to remind people of where things can be found. This can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in your own bedroom, if you think you need to attach vinyl labels to your own storage units.

Decorative Bedroom Decals – if you think that wallpaper, stencils and mural painting is not the kind of décor you want for a bedroom, you can actually have custom made vinyl decals made in any design motif you want for use as wall decorations. You can have different kinds of dinosaurs in plain black crafted for your kid’s bedroom or butterflies and trees for your teenager’s room. You can also choose to have special sayings or slogans created for your own home office and you can post these all over the walls and the ceiling to serve as motivation and inspiration for yourself.

Customized Wedding Giveaways – if you are trying to save on wedding giveaways, or any event giveaways for that matter, you can actually do so by purchasing bargain items like goblets, mugs, jars and the like and attaching customized vinyl labels onto these to make them look unique. For weddings, you can have your names and the date of your wedding printed out on these vinyl stickers and you can stick these on any item you feel will make a good souvenir, like a cookie jar or something like that.

The same goes for corporate giveaways. You can attach vinyl stickers with the company logo or name on it onto items that you want to give away as souvenirs for special events. Some of the items you can consider using include ashtrays, mugs, glasses, coffee tins and even metal business card holders. As long as the surface is smooth and clean, whether curved or flat, these vinyl labels and decals will easily adhere to these items and will stay on them for a long time, depending of course on the kind of adhesive you choose to use for these stickers.