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Digital Printed Plates

Digital printed plates are made with the use of what is called a flatbed digital printer. How this creates your metal nameplates is through the use of inkjet printing, and uses inks that are made with acryclic monomers. The prints on your nameplates are then exposed or “cured” via strong UV-lights, making these more durable since these become polymerized.

These plates can be produced rather quickly since this process allows for quick speed printing. You can choose from some of the metal materials and plastic substrates that we have here on Nameplates, and you can ask us which of these can carry the high quality prints this marking method creates. This is due to the fact that while such a technology allows for printing on various types of material, in various thicknesses, and in any size or shape that you want, there are a few materials that cannot be used with this marking medium. These plates are also considered cost-effective plates since these can be produced without the need for pre-crafted templates, printing plates or silkscreens.

Digitally printed plates are an ideal option for those who want quality, multi-colored metal nameplates that are both durable yet economical. Since these are manufactured using a CMYK 4-Color process, not only are the plates that are produced of a high quality, but are also environmentally friendly and produces less wastage as some of its earlier predecessors, like solvent printing. These plates are produced with low indoor air pollution, low ink cartridge wastage, and with the possibility of creating small batches at no added cost.