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Customization Options You Can Use on Your Embossed Metal Plates

Embossed Metal Tags

When it comes to embossed metal plates, you will find that there are a few customization options you can tap in order to create the best kind of tags for your business and needs. These customization options allow you to tweak your tags in such a way that you get exactly what you want for your many requirements. What are these options? Here are some of them:

Material Type – there are many different kinds of metals for you to choose from when it comes to embossed metal plates and most of the ones that are being offered by manufacturers are metals that are tarnish and rust proof. This is to ensure that your tags last a long time. The choices you have include aluminum, brass, and bronze but the most popular choice is stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is deemed as one of the most durable metal options for this particular tag.

Size of Tag – of course, one of the things you need to choose for your embossed metal tag is the size of the tag itself. These can be as big as the stamping die will allow it to be, since these tags have to be marked with a custom die that will be made for your embossed plates. These custom dies are also made out of metal and have a male and a female part which are then used to stamp the design on your tag while the metal is being heated up.

Design of the Tag – this is one of the more important aspects of the tag since this is where your brand and ideas come in. These tags can carry your brand, decorative designs, and even information about your company. As long as these can be incorporated into the custom die used to create these tags, you can make embossed tags with many different design elements on them.

Inked or As Is – these tags can also have some color on them or can remain as is, with a metallic look that some people like. These can be inked in to give the details and information on the tag more definition, with those that carry company brands and logos being colored to match the exact colors that are used for these things. You can also have a combination of inked and as is, with some parts being painted in and other parts showing the metal being used for the tag.

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