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Municipal/Utility Equipment

Various municipalities have equipment that are used by the people belonging to it, and as such, these require tags that mark these as municipal property. The same goes for utility equipment that ares owned by corporations and schools. The tags that go on these help people identify what belongs to these entities and where to return these after these are used or if these are found away from the premises of the entity that owns it. Some of the equipment that can carry identifying plates and tags include sanitation equipment, sewerage cleaning equipment, industrial machines like road cleaners and snowplows, and hydraulic equipment. You can also include in this list porta-potties, garbage bins, park benches, and fogging machines.

Whatever equipment a school, your town, or your organization owns, these can carry tags that show who owns these. Such tags can be totally customized to carry vital information such as ownership, address of the office that the item belongs to, and contact information should the item be found outside of its jurisdiction. These tags can be made using embossing, engraving, etching or laser marking. These can also be made using materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which are all corrosion and tarnish resistant and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.