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Domed Labels – Doming Process

The doming process produces what are called domed labels. These are labels that have a clear, dome-like top which not only makes your label more eye-catching, but also protects the print underneath from fading, bleeding, dirt, and scratches. The “domed” label process heightens your corporate logo and product image for a more decorative effect. This is ideal for those tags that are to be used primarily for marketing, advertising, and branding purposes.

This one of a kind process creates a virtually indestructible 3-dimensional surface that will resist scratches and dents. The dome on top of your label is made with the use of a special polyurethane liquid. This is poured approximately .060” thick on top of your graphics with care and precision, and is then cured to a specific hardness. Once the domed top is set, your labels will not only be highly durable, but will also have the ability to “heal” itself when it is scratched.

While labels that are domed are indeed more durable than its other label counterparts, it is not recommended for extended exposure to sunlight. Standard adhesive is .001” permanent acrylic. Special adhesives are available for hard-to-adhere-to surfaces. Please indicate the type of surface the label will be placed on for a custom quote when you order these labels from us.