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Engraving Process

Engraving is a manufacturing method that involves the creation of grooves into the metal or plastic that is being used for the creation of a nameplate. This marking method is done with the use of machines, however in the past, engraving was done by hand and with the use of a steel tool called a graver or burin. Hand engraving has been around since the stone age, but modern hand engraving techniques were only developed in the 1400s.

Nameplates manufactures engraved metal and plastic plates with the use of a rotary engraver and a laser engraver. The latter is primarily used to mark metals of many different kinds, as well as plastics like acrylic. Laser engraving is also used to engrave plastic materials, and some metals that are primed for use with this particular type of engraving machine. The former uses what is called a spinning cutter to create the recessed designs into the material that is chosen, while the latter uses lasers to create the design that is desired.

While most people believe that engraving can only be used to create letters, numbers, Braille translations, and pictograms on various materials, what is not commonly knowns is that this same marking method can also be used to add barcodes to some surfaces. With the help of software that is made for either engraving method, detailed code formats can be added to your plates with these engraving machines.