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Custom Metal Labels

Custom labels can be used for a wide variety of purposes and in a number of industries. Labels are ideal when identification is required on a product or machine. These labels are also used for branding, price tagging, and as warning signs.

Nameplates creates durable, high-quality labels using a variety of materials including aluminum foil, Mylar®, destructible vinyl, vinyl and Lexan®. These labels are also created with a variety of custom adhesive solutions that make it easy to attach to a product or piece of equipment.

Through our extensive knowledge and decades of experience, Nameplates has become a top manufacturer for custom metal labels. A few of our quality labels include:

Custom Domed Labels – Nameplates Division manufactures custom domed labels for customers looking to create a 3-Dimensional label. The domed appearance of these labels come from the application of a clear polyurethane resin that not only adds a protective coating to the label, but also creates a 3-Dimensional look.

Mylar® Labels – Mylar® Labels are heavy-duty polyester label that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These labels include many features that make this particular label the premier choice for multiple purposes. Mylar® labels are scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, do not tear easily, and ultimately withstand extremely harsh environments.

Polycarbonate Labels (Lexan®)– Polycarbonate labels, also commonly referred to as Lexan® labels, are used for both their high durability, impact resistance and the overall look of the label. These labels can be made in a variety of surface finishes and can come in various thicknesses that range from .005″ to .040″.

Tamper Evident Labels– Tamper evident labels are commonly used by businesses for theft protection purposes. These labels make it difficult to remove the label in one piece. Attempt to remove these labels will cause it to fall apart and indicate tampering was attempted by an unauthorized person. Tamper evident labels are great for use on items such as asset tags due to the customization options that allow printing various types of information.

Custom Vinyl Labels – Custom vinyl labels are highly durable labels that are both versatile and decorative. These labels are suitable when full-color, highly detailed graphic or promotional stickers are required for your business. This particular label is also adaptable for use on any surface including curved surfaces.

Aluminum Foil Labels – As the name suggests, these are made out of aluminum foil and can be used almost anywhere due to the inherent qualities of this metal. You can find these labels used for asset tagging purposes, for model and serial number tags, warning tags and many more.

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