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Pump Manufacturers

Pump manufacturers are businesses that create different kinds of pumps for many different uses. Some of these pumps are rather small and are used to circulate water in ponds and pools, while others are rather sizable and are used to run water pumps for dams and water treatment plants. These manufacturers also create pumps that are portable and can be used to suck out flood water from basements, as well as pumps that are used to clean out sewage tanks and to transfer any of the dirt in these tanks into trucks that are used for disposal. Whatever type of pumps these manufacturers make, much like any other company that makes products that are purchased and used by other entities, these all require tags, labels and nameplates on them.

Nameplates makes custom tags for the businesses that specialize in the manufacture of pumps, and some of the plates as well as labels that are made for these include model and serial tags, instructional plates, schematics, and warning plates. These pumps may also require custom made scales and dials, which require utmost precision in making since these will indicate specific variances like pressure, temperature, depth, and many more. Tags that these businesses need also include branding tags, and some of the types that are often made for this purpose include domed labels, etched tags, and embossed plates. Engraved plates, stonewear process plates, and photosensitive plates can also be used for this exact same purpose.