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Special Plates

When you cannot find the kind of plates you want, you can have special plates made for your needs. There are many custom plates that can be manufactured for your varying needs. These can be produced using a wide variety of processes that can give you the kind of results you desire.

If you need plates for souvenirs, for plaques and for trophies, we can easily craft the plates that you want. Military style dog tags, domed labels and even etched metal nameplates for your desk nameplate holders are easily crafted according to your specifications. Depending on the process that you choose to use, you can add lots of color, logos, fancy fonts, artwork and many more to these plates that you require.

Some of the manufacturing processes that you can choose from when you order your special plates include digital printing, etching, embossing and stamping. These specialy crafted plates can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Whether these are for promotional needs, for special signage requirements and even for fashion uses, you will find that these specially manufactured plates are just what you need.

Special Plates You Can Choose From

We have a wide array of special plates that can be used for many different reasons. The limit for where these can be used and how these can be customized is up to your imagination (and our customization options, of course), giving you the freedom to do what you want with these metal plates. Here are some of the special nameplates you can have customized on Nameplates Online:

Digital Printing Plates – digitally printed plates can be used for many different things. From metal business cards to metal product tags to promotional tags, these plates can carry very detailed print on them due to the manufacturing process used to create them.

Etched Plaques and Signs – if you are looking for durable plaques and signs that are not only impervious to rust and tarnish but are also virtually vandalism-proof, then etched plaques and signs are what you need. Etching gives these signs and plaques the kind of durable text and designs that even the worst vandal will find hard to scratch or deface.

Embossed Metal Plates – if you are looking for metal plates that have that attractive 3-dimensional look, embossed metal plates are what you should get. Embossing gives these plates an added dimension, giving you attractive yet highly durable plates that can last for years.

Domed Labels – another label type that people are drawn to due to its appearance is the domed label. This label is named as such due to its domed appearance which is brought about by hardened clear resin that not only gives the label its trademark 3-dimensional look, but also makes it highly durable and eye-catching.

Military Style Dog-Tags – patterned after regulation dog tags, these tags can be customized to fit whatever need you may have for them. These can be used for tagging purposes, for fashion needs or for decorative ideas. Choose from the many different metals that can be used for these and have your custom dog tags crafted by us today.

Etched Metal Plates – etching is a durable marking method and is often chosen by numerous individuals due to the fact that plates made with this marking method are hard to scratch or damage. Use these for your home address plates, commemorative plates, model and serial number plates and many more.

Photosensitive Plates – this manufacturing method is chosen by those who know that these plates will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. This is also the choice of those who want highly detailed black prints to show accurately on their metal plates.

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