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Materials of Nameplates


Nameplates carries a wide selection of materials to suit your tagging, labeling, and nameplate needs. We have materials that can be used in varying situations and conditions, and choices that are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our selection of materials include choices for metal nameplate creation, sticker and decal making, signage applications, and many more.

Take your pick from a list of materials that include heavy and thick metal plates to lightweight and thin label-type sheets for your company’s many tagging needs. These materials can be used for a wide variety of purposes, with some ideal for more than just one type of application. Some of our materials are ideal for use as asset tags, inventory labels, decorative tags, and barcoded stickers. Others are ideal for highly detailed requirements, like for schematics, dials and scales, and for overlays.

Make your selection from this long list of available materials, with some in varying thickneses and compositions. The many choices we have for you will enable you to choose the best possible option for your tagging and nameplate needs. Aside from these, you also have adhesive choices and finishes to choose from. These materials are also compatible with many of our marking methods, giving you more options for selecting the best combinations for your labels, metal nameplates, and special plates.