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Custom Bronze Plaques

Nameplates manufactures custom bronze plaques to meet your specific requirements and industry standards. Made primarily of copper and mixed with tin, this type of metal is similar to brass. Bronze is known for its reddish tone whereas brass is signified by its golden color. Bronze is also corrosion resistant and is even resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it ideal for applications near the ocean or the sea.

Bronze is often chosen over other corrosion resistant metals due to its density and malleability. This metal is more dense and softer than steel, making it less stiff when creating custom bronze plaques. In addition, bronze is also a type of metal that does not produce sparks when struck. Custom bronze plaques are often the ideal plate to be used in an environment where sparks are produced. In the past, bronze was widely used in the creation of coins and ship fittings due to its saltwater corrosion resistance. To this day, you can still find submerged ship bearings and propellers made of bronze.

Nameplates offers custom bronze plaques in various thicknesses to suit your design and environment specifications. Choose from our wide selection of bronze material thicknesses for your commemorative plaques, signs, badges, and other metal nameplate requirements.

Available Bronze Thicknesses:
.032”, .064”, .125”

For more information on the thicknesses used for custom bronze plaques, talk to a rep or visit our material specifications page today!