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Military Style Dog Tags

In the past, dog tags were used solely by Military personnel as identification tags, and these came in pairs that are worn on a ball chain. Some of these tags came with rubber silencers to keep these from clinking when they hit each other, and these tags carried vital information about the user, like their blood type, religion, and their name, among other things. These were issued to the many different divisions, with each division having very specific information on them.

While these are essentially tags used for the US Armed Forces, these tags can be manufactured and used in non-military settings. In fact, Military Style Dog Tags have become popular promotional items in recent years. Nameplates Online offers official rolled-edge military-style tags (1.120” x 2” x .014” stainless steel) with customized copy, or a similar 1.187” x 2.062” tag which is available in any of the stocked materials and in thicknesses ranging from .016” to .032”. The 1.187” x 2.062” size tag can be etched, printed on or embossed to fit all customer specific needs.

You can use these tags for many different applications — from personal to industrial to commercial. While the standard military-style tags we offer come in stainless steel, you can actually have your own personalized tags made using any of the other metal materials we offer. Simply choose the kind of metal you want to use from our selection and let us know what print you want these to carry. These are great for giveaways during trade fairs, product launches, company special events, and even as corporate giveaways for any occasion.