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Custom Nameplates

Nameplates Division is a leading provider of the highest quality custom nameplates.  Our company provides the best value and service in our industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients large and small.

Nameplates are a metal identification device used to identify, brand, track or bring awareness to the object on which it is applied. Since custom nameplates are used in many different industries, it is important to choose the appropriate processes and materials of construction. We have a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials to produce durable parts in small, medium and large quantities.

Custom nameplates are manufactured by placing an image, on a piece of metal. The images are most commonly produced through printing, photo imaging, chemical etching, laser marking, embossing, engraving and sublimation. Holes, round corners or special shapes can be punched, laser cut or drilled into the plates, or a variety of adhesives can be added to the back side. Some coatings include acrylic and epoxy overcoats, which are often applied for increased durability and give a high quality finished appearance. Protective removable plastic masking is often used to prevent the plate from scratching during shipping and handling. Some of the typical materials that we produce our custom nameplates from are stainless steel (304 and 3016 series), aluminum (3003, 1100, 5052 and 6061), anodized aluminum, brass, bronze and zinc.

We are committed to meeting quality standards in all types of industries. Our manufacturing methods are exceptional as we serve industries from aerospace, architectural, medical, retail, construction equipment manufacturing, IT systems and equipment, food processing equipment to security hardware manufacturing. All custom nameplates are designed and manufactured according to your requirements.  If you need assistance in developing the specification for your particular application, Nameplates has the experience to engineer a custom nameplate specific for your application!

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