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Employee Name Badges

Employee name badges are typically one of the first things a customer reads when interacting with a company representative. Nameplates Division is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom employee name badges.

Badges are a personalized identification device that includes a name, title, company and/or photograph. Employee name badges can be one of the most important “welcome signs” to customers while also easing tension for remembering names, and provides an apparent level of security. Since badges are used in a variety of industries and applications, we understand the importance of customization and can fulfill several requirements. Employee name badges are commonly used in the retail, hospitality, and banking industries. Most businesses can benefit from the use of custom name badges for face to face contact with customers.

At Nameplates Division, we are committed to producing a wide variety of badges to meet our customers’ requirements. We can produce a single badge or millions per year with complex kitting, packing and shipping demands. Badges can be used in a variety of ways so we produce our products so that they can be attached to a garment with a magnet or pin, bulldog clip, worn on a lanyard or can be secured in a plastic sleeve.

Our employee name badges are manufactured in our local facility through printing, laser marking, sublimation and/or engraving. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority so we invest in the best technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality products in the marketplace. When machining badges, the parts are cut to size by shearing, die cutting or laser cutting, depending on the look and application of the product. Employee name badges are most commonly made from acrylic, polyester, but can be made from metal, paper or other substrates. Our engineering experience and material selection allows our customers to fully customize the employee name badges to fit specific branding, style, and use.

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