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Custom Asset Tags

Custom asset tags allow you to easily track and manage your company’s assets. These tags are useful in any workplace environment for new products, equipment, and supplies. Nameplates Division manufactures inventory and asset tags that are essential for organizing equipment and tracking maintenance information. Custom asset tags are produced using a wide variety of materials and imaging options to meet your specific requirements.

Our process allows for complete customization of asset tags from the materials, designs, shape and mounting method. Adding serialization and your company name to the tag are common features used on asset tags for identification. Common mounting methods include various adhesives, holes and slots for screws or rivets. Barcodes can be added to your custom asset tags to speed up the inventory and tracking process, and destructible vinyl can also be used as a theft deterrent on custom asset tags.

These tags carry a variety of information that enables your tracking and inventory system to be detailed and efficient. Asset tags allow employees to digitally track where the asset should be located. We understand the importance of keeping your assets protected and have developed an innovative process to customizing asset tags. Contact Us and we will help you create custom asset tags that meet your specific company requirements.

Inventory and Asset Tags