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Our Industries

Nameplates serves numerous industries and creates various tags for each industry that we work with. We realize the importance of such custom tags for each sector and try our best to give them what they need in the form of quality labels, metal nameplates, and special plates. These various industries require these different kinds of nameplates and tags for purposes like inventory and asset tracking, safety, serial numbering, and many more.

These businesses that belong to these many different industries also need such tags for branding requirements, and we have just the right kind of nametag and labels for these. We have numerous customization options to give customers what they need, and these come in the form of a selection of materials, manufacturing processes, and even in the choice of adhesive and finishes. We also offer these many different industries options for specific types of plates such as barcode and UID plates, model and serial number plates, and so much more.

To find out what industries we serve, and what we usually do for them in terms of customized metal nameplates, custom labels, and special tags, click on each industry and read about the many products that we provide them with.