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Polycarbonate Labels (Lexan®)

Polycarbonate labels, also commonly referred to as Lexan® labels, are used for both their high durability, impact resistance and the overall look of the label. These labels can be made in a variety of surface finishes and can come in various thicknesses that range from .005″ to .040″.

Nameplates Division produces polycarbonate labels that can be UV resistant and are able to withstand abrasions and certain chemicals, making them ideal for outdoor use. Polycarbonate labels can be cut to meet specific user requirements using intricate technology to create a unique label and design for your company.

Flame and temperature resistant options are available for additional versatility. These labels can be used in applications that require a tag that has mechanical strength, optical clarity, and chemical resistance. Contact us with your questions regarding material thickness, design, and the production process and we will be happy to help you create your Polycarbonate labels.