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Laser Marked Process

One of our laser marking methods is called Laser Marked. This particular process, much like other procedures that use lasers for marking, utilizes the power of this strong light to create detailed prints and graphics onto various materials. This marking medium is used to mark variable data and graphics in coated and uncoated metals, plastics, glass and other substrates. The laser beam removes the coating off coated metals or anneal marks into natural metals, and can also be used to cut special shapes with tight tolerances on many materials, reducing the need for separate tooling.

This method is great for the creation of asset tags and for marking identifying marks on tags that are to be used as inventory and asset tags. This is not where this marking method’s usability ends however, since this particular manufacturing medium is versatile enough to be used on many other applications. You can also use this to create personalized tags for commercial and industrial needs, to create branding tags for special product requirements, and for the creation of nameplates that are to carry serial and model numbers on them. This method can also be used to create bar codes, UID codes, and other similar information carrying details on your nameplates.