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Custom Digital Labels

Nameplates Division provides Custom Digital Labels that will represent your brand well. Our process for printing custom digital labels will fulfill your requirements in a very quick and cost-effective way. Nameplates digital labels are not only a low-cost solution, but also a high-quality product.

Nameplates Division understands that our customers often have unique requirements, including demanding turnaround times. Our custom digital labels are produced using quick speed printing that does not require templates, printing plates or silkscreens, which reduces not only time but cost.

While our process for producing custom digital labels is low-cost, we do not compromise quality. You can choose from a wide variety of metal and plastic substrates. Our process for producing custom labels uses inkjet printing with inks that are made with acrylic monomers. This technology allows for printing on various types of materials, in various thicknesses, and in any size or shape that you want. There are very few materials that cannot be used with this process. The inks on your labels are then cured with UV-light to polymerize the material and make them durable.

Digitally printed labels and nameplates are an ideal option for those who desire quality, multi-colored products that are both colorful and economical. We are committed to social responsibility when manufacturing our products. Our plates are produced with low air emissions, ink wastage, and with the capability of producing small batches with no added cost.

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