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When you choose the materials you need for your nameplates or labels, you will also need to select a finish for these. Some tags, like embossed nameplates and domed labels, have their own inherent finishes. Some labels and tags however need to have certain finishes added to them, and here are some of the finishes that we have available as well as some of the features that come with each one:

  • Gloss – this is a shiny finish, as the name implies, and gives your tag a smooth and sleek look. Apart from the shiny appearance, this finish is also designed with a hard coating that gives your tags that added durability to make it last longer.
  • Matte – this finish is the opposite of the glossy option and gives your tag a non-reflective, subdued and understated look. Matte finished tags also come with a hard coating that protects the tag from scratches.
  • Semi-Gloss- this is a finish that is somewhere between glossy and matte. This gives the label or tag a look that is somewhat shiny but not too much to make it reflective.

If you have a specific finish in mind for your tags, feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you with your very specific requirements.