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Custom Etched Signs and Plaques

Nameplates creates custom etched signs and plaques using an etching process that creates highly detailed and very durable metal products. This particular type of metal nameplate is the premier choice for creating products that showcase a company’s founder, dedications to other individuals, or a history of unique establishments. These plaques and signs are made using a mordant that eats away at the unprotected parts of the metal, creating the unique designs our customers require.

Signs and plaques marked using etching can be highly detailed, making it adaptable for commemorative plaques and metal portraits that require extremely intricate designs. The metal of choice for custom plaques is often stainless steel, although bronze and brass are also common materials. Custom signs can be made from materials as thick as .125 inches with a design depth ranging between .002 inches and .005 inches. Even when ink or paint may fade away, the etched designs will remain legible.

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