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Also called Graphic Overlays, these products are used over control panels, giving the buttons on these their designated functions. These are also made to help protect the insides of electronic devices while still allowing users to easily operate and use such panels. These overlays are customized according to a company’s needs and can have windows used for displays, cut-outs for LEDs, and many other features.

These can be used on front panels, recessed moldings, and for switch assemblies, customized to suit your very specific requirements. These overlays can be manufactured using a wide variety of materials, and in various thicknesses that range from .005 inches to .030 inches. These can also be made in many different colors, and can come with or without backing plates as well as additional gauges.

Our manufacturing process, which comes with the print being added sub-surface or on the underside, ensures that our overlays are scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, and highly durable. These are UV-resistant, have abrasion resistant finishes, and come with flush displays to add to their durability. These are ideal for use on a number of products that include appliances, electronics, medical equipment, computers, and industrial equipment, to mention but a few. To find out more about our overlays and whether these are ideal for your specific needs, do get in touch with us via our Contact Us page and we will gladly help you out with your overlay and faceplate needs.

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