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Digital Printing Process

An ideal manufacturing method for vibrant graphics using the 4 color process and variable data on plastics and select metals. This printing method is highly economical because of the fact that there is no need for screens and printing plates. This method uses what is called a flatbed digital printer, and can produce high color, high quality plates and labels at lower costs due to the cost-effectiveness of the marking medium. This is also considered a very environmentally friendly printing method since it uses fewer ink cartridges when compared to other printing methods and does not produce as much indoor air pollution as its counterparts.

Digital printing is the practice of printing multiple colors at the same time using something called the four color process. CMYK 4-color process printing greatly improves the appeal of your plates while keeping costs relatively low. It is often the marking method of choice of many since it can be used on a wide variety of materials, from paper to plastics to metal. This is also versatile enough to be used on any shape you may want to print on, and can be used for any size tag or nameplate, as long as this does not exceed the limits of the flatbed printer that is being used. Since the printing bed is adjustable, there is actually very little that a digital printer cannot do.