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Polyester Mylar

Polyester (Mylar)

Also called Mylar, Polyester film, when used as a material for label creation, is a durable and highly versatile medium to work with. Polyester is a great material to use when labels need to be made because of its flexibility and chemical resistance. Aside from these characteristics, this particular material comes in many variants to suit your many labeling and tagging needs.

These sheets come in thicknesses ranging from a very thin .003 inches to a reasonably thick .010 inches. This can also come in various general types that include plain, anti-static, metallized, barrier coated, and adhesion treated. Mylar sheets can also come in a few different finishes, which include clear, black, white and various levels of haze. These can also come in custom colors as well as in matte finishes.

Aside from the creation of durable labels, polyester (Mylar) sheets can be used for a variety of other applications. These can be used for packaging, die-cutting and for the creation of protective overlays. This material is well suited for both industrial and commercial applications because of its many benefits. This material is not only durable but also heat resistant, non-yellowing, electrical resistant, and does not tear easily. It also last long and does not become brittle over time or due to exposure to the many elements it comes in contact with.