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Embossing Process

Embossed Metals – Embossing Process

Embossed metal plates are considered one of the toughest metal nameplates around, and for a very good reason. The manufacturing process that is used to create these nameplates involves the use of a male and a female die that fits perfectly together, which is then used to stamp raised impressions into metal sheets. The secret to the creation of highly durable embossed metal nameplates is in the heating of the metal as it is being stamped by these mated dies.

The use of heat and the stamping action of two dies onto a sheet of metal results in a plate that has raised designs which are smooth and very durable. With the use of a set of specially made embossing dies, reproduction of the same kind of nameplate is easy and quick. This manufacturing method is ideal for those who need to have medium to high numbers of plates made for their company.

A number of metals are ideal for this particular manufacturing medium, and these include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, brass, and zinc. This marking method is also ideal for metals that come in varying thicknesses, although it is not advised that this be used with very thin materials, such as aluminum foil, which should be marked using other methods if raised characters are desired for these. When embossing is used in conjunction with our Stonewear Process, you will have plates that are not only highly durable but also very decorative and eye-catching.