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Custom Embossed Metal Tags

Nameplates Division provides high-quality, unique, custom embossed metal tags that will set your company apart. We use exceptional embossing techniques to manufacture a high quality and durable metal tag. 3-Dimensional text, designs and images on metal, makes our custom tags durable and bold so that your brand is sure to stand out.

Custom embossed metal tags use the process of specifically marking the metal to produce raised characters. Nameplates Division takes pride in our efficient and high-quality embossing processes. Embossed metal tags are produced with the use of a male and female die that stamp designs into the metal substrate and are later cut into various shapes, depending on your requirements

We recognize the importance of using top-grade materials to represent your brand. For our custom embossed metal tags, we work with materials such as brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. The material we use to create these custom embossed metal tags acknowledges the aesthetic appeal and depends highly on the durably requirements. The embossed metal nameplates can also be printed to add color and style to your tag.

Our top priority is helping our customers stand out from competitors by partnering with you to ensure all your unique specifications are met. Embossed metal plates have many characteristics that make them the ideal identification tag of choice. To learn more about our custom embossed metal tags call us at 651-228-1522.

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