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Metal Plates

Custom Etched Nameplates

Using innovative technology, Nameplates Division creates custom etched nameplates to represent your brand. These nameplates are effective at clearly conveying important messages about your company and products to your customers. Custom etched nameplates are ideal for various industries that include oil, gas, transportation, and manufacturing.

These metal plates are UV resistant, chemical resistant, great for outdoor use and withstand harsh environments and climates. Custom etched nameplates are highly durable. The markings are etched into the metal with the use of a mordant or acid that creates the recessed designs into these plates. These etched designs are typically recessed between .002 and .005 inches, ensuring visibility from multiple angles and distances.

Our metal plates are customized to meet your specific requirements and needs. Etched metal plates are typically crafted from many different stock metals and include thicknesses that range from .018 inches to .125 inches. Intricate designs and patterns are created using an etching technique that allows for fine details. Our intricate technology allows for etching custom designs on desk nameplates, commemorative markers, and more.

These etched metal plates can be used for a wide variety of applications such as industrial settings, commercial applications, and even for the creation of badges, emblems, and more. Contact Us today and we will help create your custom etched nameplates to meet your requirements!

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