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Domed Labels and Your Brand

Domed LabelsWith all the different kinds of labels and tags that you can choose for your brand, how do you determine if your product should carry a specific kind of tag or label? Are domed labels ideal for your products or should you choose another kind of tag for these? Is a domed label the best tag for your branding needs?

A domed label is a tag that has a clear dome on top of it, making an otherwise flat brand tag look 3-dimensional. This clear dome is made out of urethane which helps to not only give the tag a domed, glossy, 3-D look, but also gives it a durable protective overcoat. This domed effect is achieved through a process where the urethane is applied to the tag carefully in order to create the clear and perfect dome that is required of these tags.

When is a domed label ideal for your brand? Can you make domed labels from your stock labels or tags? Why should you choose to have these labels for your products?

A domed label is ideal for products that are exposed to the elements and to harsh conditions. This is because of the fact that the doming on top of the label underneath is more than just a tool to create a 3-dimensional effect. It is actually an overcoat that “heals” itself over time when it is scratched or bumped.

This means that your tags will remain intact and looking great even when it gets damaged. This also means that your domed tags will last a long time since it has this protective coating that repairs itself with time. This makes it a great tag to have on products such as vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, lawn equipment, kitchen appliances, and the like.

It is also great for when you want your brand to stand out and for it to last longer than the tags of your competitors. Since the urethane dome helps protect the tag underneath, the colors and designs of these tags remain generally intact and as good as the day it was domed. This also means that your tags will remain eye-catching, making your products stand out much longer than that of your competition.

Doming can be done on just about any kind of tag or label. As long as these stay stationary while the process is being done, you will be able to create domed labels with the use of metal tags, cardboard tags, embroidered cloth labels, and even thick paper tags.

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