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Why Domed Labels Look Great and Are Durable

Domed LabelsLots of companies use domed labels for their branding needs and for many good reasons. For starters, these labels are great to look at since these have a 3-dimensional look about them due to the clear dome that is on these tags. The clear dome is made using urethane, which is why it is also a durable tag. Urethane, which is short for polyurethane, is a material that is not brittle like plastic and is has a high impact resistance.

This durability also means that these domed labels are not prone to cracking under shock loading and pressure. These labels have a dome that is somewhat elastic, which helps it return back to its original shape and form even after it gets dented or dimpled. This makes such tags a great choice for applications where these things are liable to occur.

These clear domes are also “self-healing”, which means these will return to their original form after a short while. This means that when these tags are bumped and damaged, these will slowly return to their original shape without you needing to do anything. This self-healing feature is what a lot of people love about this kind of a tag.

Aside from being this resilient, you will also find that these domed labels make the tags underneath it look better than ever with the clear dome top that help make these look 3-dimensional. These also help capture the attention of people due to the raised look of the label and the shiny dome on top. These added aesthetic factors help make these tags look better than when these were flat and somewhat plain looking.

The urethane dome on these tags is added on after the tags are made, which helps protect the print on these. The tags that you can use to create these domed labels include cardboard printed labels, plastic labels, and metal labels. Making domed labels using metal tags like those that come with etched designs or digitally printed designs, help make these even more attractive to look at.

This is why these domed tags are used on products that require tags that are resilient, eye-catching, and amazing to look at. Some of the products you will see these on include vehicles, outdoor equipment, kitchen appliances, and other similar items that are exposed to rough conditions that require brand tags that can withstand such harsh environments. These give such tags a longer life and helps companies prolong their brand exposure, which helps them improve chances of brand recognition.

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