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When Etched Plaques and Signs Should Be Replaced

Etched Plaques and SignsAs with most everything that a company owns, etched plaques and signs have a shelf life. While most signs that are made out of tarnish-proof materials like aluminum and stainless steel usually do not deteriorate as fast as other kind of materials used for the creation of signs, they still do show signs of wear and tear over time. It is in knowing when these need to be replaced that will help your business have effective and great looking signs all the time.

When should you replace your company’s etched plaques and signs? How often should these be replaced? Is there a way for a business to not have to replace these frequently?

Etched plaques and signs are used by businesses in many different ways. Some of these are used to show people who are part of the company, and this is done in the form of an organizational plaque that is often seen in the reception area of a business. Some of these are used to show people the company’s name and this can be found either outside the establishment or inside the company’s front doors and in the receiving area.

No matter where these can be found, if these have information that does not need refreshing periodically, these can be used for a very, very long time. To ensure that your etched plaque or sign stays in tip-top shape for that long duration, you should maintain it with regular cleaning, polishing, and the occasional application of protective overcoats or laminates. This will help you avoid the need to replace these when it is not deemed necessary.

If your signs however have deteriorated and now have tarnished metal due to lack of attention, exposure to harsh elements and conditions, and general wear and tear over the years, then replacements are in order. Check your etched signs and plaques for indications that these have deteriorated beyond repair so that you can have a replacement made ASAP.

Another reason why your plaques may need replacing is when the information on it is outdated. For instance, if your company’s organizational chart is no longer what it used to be, it might be a good idea to replace the one you have in your lobby with an updated and more accurate one. This will help avoid confusion when people look for specific individuals in your organization, who may no longer be part of it.

Also a reason for replacing your etched signs and plaques is when you are thinking of refreshing your company’s image and signage. Creating a new design for your company name or changing what your company has to offer will definitely require a new sign. This will show people that your business has changed and the sign’s new look will help cement that fact.

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