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Etched Signs and Businesses That Use Them

Etched SignsEtched signs, particularly those that are made using metal, are used by many businesses due to durability and elegance of such signage. These signs can be customized according to what a business wants and these include the size and shape of the sign as well as the fonts used on the sign. These customization options also include the kind of backing material a sign will have and the mounting method of such signs.

What kinds of businesses usually employ these kinds of signs for their needs and where do they usually use these etched signs? Here are some examples:

Restaurants – you will find that restaurants that use these kinds of signs for their business are those that are not considered fast-food. Most fast-food places use lighted and neon signs for their businesses. The dining establishments that choose to use these kinds of signs are those that are considered fine dining. You will see the name of the restaurant usually in fancy script or some other font that is in line with the image they are projecting, and usually on bronze or brass metal mounted on a wooden or stone backing.

Office Buildings – office buildings are also known to use etched metal signs for their signage needs, and this is usually found in the lobby or reception area of these structures. These are often used to create directories that people use to find specific offices or departments in the said building, with these signs often mounted on a wall in a glass case or with a framed backing, to draw people’s attention to it. These directories often use etched metal plates with various names or departments written on them alongside the room number of such an office.

Law Firms – etched signage are often seen as elegant and rather sophisticated, which is why businesses and offices like law firms tend to choose such a signage for their needs. You will find that a lot of law firms, and other similar offices like those for accountants, architects, engineers, and the like, tend to gravitate towards etched metal signs on wood or stone backing for their company signage needs. These give an air of seriousness to the place and will often carry company names in fancy script and other similar fonts.

These are just a few of the businesses that choose to use etched signs for their signage needs. Aside from carrying the company name and being used to create company directories, these are also used by businesses as commemorative plaques, dedications, and company histories.

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