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Mounting Option for Etched Plaques and Signs

Etched plaques and signsWhen you have etched plaques and signs customized, one of the things you will need to do is to choose all of the elements that are to go on it. One of the things you will need to decide on is how these plaques and signs are to be mounted. Of course, before you can decide on these, you will need to first take into consideration a number of things.

Not all mounting options are ideal for specific signs and plaques. For instance, if your etched plaque or etched sign has a rather heavy backing or substrate, you cannot use ordinary adhesives on it. You will need to use other types of mounting materials that can sustain the weight of the entire thing.

There are a number of mounting options for you to choose from however, so there is no need to worry about creating an etched sign or plaque that uses a heavy material for the plate and for the back. Here are some of the options you have when it comes to mounting your etched plaques and signs:

Adhesive – when you say that you want an adhesive as your mounting choice for your etched signs and plaques, you should be aware that there is more than just one kind of adhesive for this. There are actually a number of adhesives that you can choose from, and these range from the reusable, to the high-strength, to those that can be used on rough surfaces, and those that can withstand high heat as well as extreme cold.

The adhesive you choose for your plaques and signs should be compatible with where these are to be mounted and the conditions in which these plaques are to be exposed to. If the surface is smooth but is exposed to high heat, then an adhesive that can withstand high heat should be chosen. If the surface is rough but is not exposed to any changes in temperature, there is an adhesive for that.

Screws – more often than not, when a plaque or sign is pretty heavy, the go-to mounting option is mounting holes with screws. These holes are pre-drilled into the plaque or the backing of the plaque (which can be anything from wood to stone to glass), and used with specific tools to mount the plaque or sign properly into place. The right kind of screws are also chosen for this task, with longer screws often chosen to ensure that the plaque stays in place after mounting no matter what the situation (people bumping into it, shaking, etc.).

Of course, aside from the mounting options needed to secure the sign or plaque to the wall or area where it is supposed to go, you will also need to choose the right adhesive to attach these metal plates to the backing materials that these are to go on. A heavy-duty adhesive is usually the choice here to ensure that your plate does not fall off no matter what happens to it.

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