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Different Kinds of Customizable Special Plates

There are many different kinds of metal nameplates that are considered “special plates” and this is because these can be used for many different purposes. These totally customizable plates can be made to fit any need you may have, and can be made in a variety of sizes as well. Of course, while you can customize such plates to your requirements, there are some limitations to these, depending on what special plate you choose to go with.

These are some of the special plates that you will find on this site:

Etched plaques and signs – as the name implies, these are metal plates that are marked with the use of etching, and are primarily aimed at the creation of plaques and signs. What you might not realize is that while these are for signage and plaque creation, these can also be used for other purposes, like specially crafted portraits out of metal and customized signs for special events.

Etched metal plates – where etched plaques and signs are made for bigger needs, these are ideal for your smaller requirements. These can be customized for the creation of medals, tokens of appreciation, badges, and even branding tags for your products.

Embossed metal plates – when you want a plate that has raised characters on them, what you should choose is this particular special plate. Embossing produces smooth, raised designs on the metal that you want to use for this, and this gives the plate a nice, 3-dimensional look that catches the eye.

Digitally printed plates – these plates can be made using as thin a plate of aluminum as you want (ideal for use with the creation of metal business cards or membership cards) or as thick a plate as you need (for use with heavy duty equipment and rough environments). Digital printing gives you very sharp designs and bright colors, and can be as detailed as you want these to be.

Photosensitive plates – also called metalphoto by some manufacturers, this special plate is great for creating souvenirs and mementos with. You may have seen these being given out to guests at a wedding (metal jewelry boxes and such) with the couple’s picture in black on them. You can also have these made in color, although black is more durable than the colored print.

Military style dog tags – these are made in the usual shape of dog tags that are worn by the military, but are totally customizable in shape, size, material used, and design. You can customize these to be used for other things like for commemorative keychains (in the shape of a dog tag or otherwise), as an identification tag for your dog, for your bags, or as a decorative piece.